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👀👀👀👀 Gyatt DAYUM!


I need to get my 💩 sorted and get my #indieweb blog back on track. The venerable GoBlog repo is probably eleventy-billion commits ahead of my instance right now.

Do I patch the place up or burn it down and start all over again….

🤔 what to do, what to do….

  • I really should reach out to once again since he’s made a ton of improvements to his site.
  • Also goes without saying to reach out to the creator of the engine powering this thing to see what he’s been cooking up lately…
  • *Sit down and learn Golang in earnest. I know, I knooooow… 😩


↩️ Reply to:

So we were kayaking near Oniona’s hometown when, for no reason at all, from the forest someone screams at me the N word. I was so confused I couldn’t react. Coincidentally, elections are coming up next month so I’ve started seeing anti-immigrants propaganda. I wonder if there’s any relation…

Wait, they use the N word … down there!?

My African-American mind has been expanded. There’s no escaping ignorance I guess. sigh


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