Using Phanpy to post via Enable-Mastodon-Apps plugin to test the changes that were made in the most recent round of updates.

  1. Ice Cubes on iOS no longer works and just gives me an “endless loading swirl”.
  2. When I reply in Friends, it makes a “hidden” reply..? It used to post onto the “notes” section/format. Is there a setting that was added?
  3. I need to figure out why posts from others in the Bluesky bridge aren’t coming across without a search.
  4. seems snappier and less crashy otherwise but I don’t get the change in post logic.

.:= this is also a test 😉👍🏾 =:.

One response
    Came across the fediverse natively… quick check of the short link attached and we can see it’s not a “hidden” post.
    (:mastoread: wonder if that last issue was because of me replying to a thread within Friends; this is a brand new thread I started…)

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