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Husband, Father, Teacher, Journalist. Tokyoite, Atlantan, Afro-American. Globetrotter, Homebody. Storyteller, Story-Listener. Historian, Futurist. Striving to leave the world better than I found it.

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  • I used to have a Synology 210+ but got a QNAP TVS 473e with the Ryzen APU for the extra oomph to do DevOps practice in VMs and containers.
    NixOS in the LXDs are my jam.

  • This must be the season. In the last few days one of my siblings and two of my friends have called to give me news on some really rough patches they’re experiencing right now. A potential divorce due to infidelity, being burned out of a house, sudden job loss, and on and on…

    The only thing I could offer is humor, reflection, compassion, and camaraderie. You are still here! Your heart still beats! You’re down, but not out the game yet!! Find solace in being able to get out of bed on your own power and roll with that, knowing there’s so many right now who wish for that; do it for them.

    Push through the negativity with the knowledge that your life must continue on your terms at all costs; there are no compromises when it comes to your own wellbeing. This is my daily affirmation I share with you.

  • @Oleksii
    Here you go:

    Mastodon – a microblogging/status posting software package that uses ActivityPub to federate between other instances of servers to form a mesh network of social media servers and services.
    Fediverse – the nickname many have started calling this federated mesh network; it is a term that describes a network of social networks that can communicate with each other using open standards and protocols. The word Fediverse is a combination of “federation” and “universe”.
    PubSub – Pub/Sub is a term that stands for publish/subscribe, which is a design pattern for asynchronous communication between different components or services in a distributed system.

  • Enjoyed the virtual tour of Instanbul. A place on my bucket list for sure.
    Safe travels back to Nippon!

  • @jeffjarvis
    The look on my face as I logged into the workspace today must have mirrored your own; wasn’t expecting this latest turn of events! (Disclosure: my very tangential work with a large Redmond, WA based computing and software firm has gotten pretty interesting in the AI field lately in regard to learning the different kinds of tech in this arena.)

    If nothing else, it’s a good time to catch up on all the different strains of AI be it generative, LLM, search/task based and so on and like @osma states, OpenAI, Microsoft are just two of the many players in the field. It’s the Wild West stage of the technology with being only a year in, and we’ll probably be in awe of whatever comes down the pike in the next year, I’m sure.

    (Edits for clarity)

  • @w7voa She will be missed here in Georgia for sure. 😿