@gullevek the other great thing about the album is Louis “Thunder Thumbs” Johnson of The Brothers Johnson plays bass on it

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  1. @gullevek @dwvcd
    Ears perked up like a sleeping dog hearing a knock at the front door to this.
    I needs to listen to this now. 🎧

    1. @starrwulfe @gullevek if personnel are of interest, you may also want to feast your ears on the album Coool by Anri. some yacht rock legends took a flight to Japan and some serious bank to be on it back in the bubble days (or wait maybe they made it in the States. either way these kinds of City Pop albums slap so hard)

      1. @dwvcd @starrwulfe Yacht Rock sounds better than City Pop for sure 😀

        1. Now I want a Yacht Rock vs City Pop mix to happen.

          …time to dig in these virtual crates.

          1. @starrwulfe @dwvcd Aren't Yach Rock and City Pop not … almost the same?

            1. Yacht Rock is more Air Supply and Player with a slice of Steely Dan; City Pop is like all those got a brass section, then Jay Kay’s father added some funk and early Chicago House arrangements.

              1. @starrwulfe @gullevek here is the definitive list of yacht rock songs, by the people who invented the genre. they are pretty serious about what is yacht and what is nyacht. the Yacht or Nyacht podcast evaluates new songs and is pretty damn funny

                1. @dwvcd @starrwulfe Whatever it is "Coool" is a fucking awesome album …

      2. Oh, I’ll do you one better:

        One of my fellow Shibuya Soulful Sunday DJs had selected tunes from this one a few times back in the Yoyogi Sessions days, so I kinda remember a tad bit.
        (I miss that guy. Dude used to cart vintage ’45s he was going to mix for the day with his turntables and fader onto the chikatetsu. No CDJ for him!)

          1. Sidebar:
            I would say one of the most joyful and thankful part of my JapanLife experience was just getting to see and hear different musicians, DJs, singers, bands and a whole host of artistry in general that I’d never have had that kind of access to on a personal level. Something like every week, it seems I was swimming in a surreal and wholly organic aural and visual paradise. I never took that for granted.

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