OK, I think I have added support for incoming “ActivityPub likes.”


Oh yeah? Well lemme like it and find out.

@starrwulfe Interestingly, this reply did not make it through. 🤔 But the like certainly did! @jan

@janboddez @jan the like came from starrwulfe@starrwulfe — the blog. I think I also liked from here too but it also didn’t happen.

Jan Boddez

@starrwulfe My site’s blocking vivaldi.net! (No, just kidding, I have no idea what’s going on) @jan

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  1. @starrwulfe @jan @janboddez

    Let me know if you want me to go back with that other account and star another one. Didn’t do anything differently than I normally do– But sometimes interactions are slow coming from over there.

  2. @jan @janboddez

    I’m also trying to mock up an interesting concept on my blog that monkeys with the database and moves posts around from the backend so they can be shown as notes in the front end whenever I make a reply that I then want to be shown externally as a thread (that is then also able to be commented on as a continuance of the thread…. If that makes sense…)

    @starrwulfe @starrwulfe

    1. @starrwulfe@starrwulfe.xyz @janboddez

      :fediverse: warp zones with wordpress is bitter work! I'll let you know what I come up with when I work out the methodolgy and @jan may be able to tell me a programmatic way to do it…🤞🏽

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