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Hello World, Hello GoBlog

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Success! 🎉

🌙 I have gotten a containerized version of Andrés Cárdenas’ flavor of Jan Else’s GoBlog up and running at this URL and I’m over the moon!

☁️ As you may have previously noticed before, I was using Wordpress in this space as I embarked on my journey into the indieweb; however it was ended abruptly not once, but twice by plugin updates that inadvertently corrupted the PHP rendering engine that took at least a day’s worth of troubleshooting and a few hours of recovering and ultimately reverting to a new version of Wordpress and database recovery.

🤬 After suffering the loss a third time in as many weeks, I was done with that – Wordpress works great as a website, but I was asking too much of it when I threw ActivityPub, Webmentions and Bridgy crossposting at it all at once.

🪶 The solution is finding a more nimble, light and minimal program at the problem; I actually set out to do this in the first place, with Hugo but my quest to be a part of the fediverse with fewer moving parts also meant I needed a “dynamic” database as I didn’t want to figure out the myriad of webhooks, cron jobs, and lean on a third party solely. Goblog ticks the same amount of boxes as Wordpress does for me in this arena and is lightning fast like a static page server too.

👨🏾‍💻 In the coming weeks, I’ll let y’all know why GoBlog is so special, easy to manage and fun to code (and learn– this is officially my first Go and SASS project too.)

☺️ But for now let me thank both Jan and Andrés here and I hope my incessant questions don’t get on your nerves too much as I get things cooking over here!

👓 check out what Andrés thinks about GoBlog, and also read a post-by-post recap of GoBlog development by Jan.

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