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Whether print or electronic, things of the lexiconical.

👍🏽 Liked: The Hard Truth About Home (and Car) Ownership

Do you own a house? Is there a mortgage on the house? Are there any loans, lines or credit, leans, or other financial instruments secured on that house? Then you don’t really own that house. The bank (or mortgage company) does. Do you own a car? Do you make payments on a loan for that car? Then you don’t really own the car. The bank (or lending company) does. If you don’t believe me, then stop making payments and see just how quickly that thing you “own” is taken away. In fact, banks, mortgag…


Rocket.Chat and the Matrix Protocol – Aaron’s Ramblings

I didn’t know now supports Matrix…did you? 😮


📚 Finished Reading: Isaac Azimov’s Foundation Trilogy

Probably because I read these all in one go, I’m kinda missing a few points of context here and there, and it’s been about 30 years or so since I read Azimov for school (aka FORCED! 😜) but know this:

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The real reason everyone with a Jekyll based blog never worries about spellcheck.


Social Media in 2023 be like:

In 2023, social media be like:


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