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If you think of a digital garden as an online commonplace book and a blog as collection of entries in reverse-chronological order, then this website falls somewhere in between. 🏠 A home on the Internet Yes, it looks like a blog, started out as a Tumblog, rebuilt as a Jekyll blog, currently powered by software with “Blog” in its name and yet… this is my online base. 🖳 Bits and Pieces ⚡ GoBlog: Free CMS, all post-types supported. 👨🏽‍💻 IndieAuth: No blue checks required 💬 Webmentions…

Hey Andrés!

I’m back on GoBlog and need some help settin things up…

  • can you help me set the same layout as you with the menu in the side instead of the top?
  • I also want to use a Google font… where are the layout templates in the file system and how can I ensure they stay there when upgrading my docker container?
  • how are you able to do things like your book and tv logs?
  • and how can I show syndication links with just the icons like you? I guess I really just want to make the same kind of layout you have and add 2 web fonts. 😆 I should’ve said that first.

Can you give me a hand and tell me how to do it?

🙏🏾 thanks!


J. L. Gatewood