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📽 Watched Hugo, (2011) - ★★★½

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I wasn’t expecting this film to be the almost-tearjerker it wound up being but it managed to pull at several heartstrings. Then again, I also didn’t know Martin Scorsese directed and produced it either. Like all his films, it moves slowly at first while gathering strength and backstory in the first act (should’ve been my first clue right there!)

The performances by the then-child actors were compelling… Also, I got Chloë Grace Moretz confused for Emma Watson (they have the same cheekbones?? 🤷🏾‍♂️)

My oldest brother chose this one for our Sunday Family Movie Night this time around and my kids’ chattering during the film reminded me of my childhood when I too dreamt the dreams of wonderment free from adult burdens and reveled in the never-ending promises that youth brings. I think I enjoyed their bantering about the plot the best part of this movie… Spot on family film for sure!



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