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👍🏽 Liked: The Hard Truth About Home (and Car) Ownership

Do you own a house? Is there a mortgage on the house? Are there any loans, lines or credit, leans, or other financial instruments secured on that house? Then you don’t really own that house. The bank (or mortgage company) does. Do you own a car? Do you make payments on a loan for that car? Then you don’t really own the car. The bank (or lending company) does. If you don’t believe me, then stop making payments and see just how quickly that thing you “own” is taken away. In fact, banks, mortgag…


Rocket.Chat and the Matrix Protocol – Aaron’s Ramblings

I didn’t know now supports Matrix…did you? 😮


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The weekly report from Digital Wellbeing on my phone informs me that the daily average screen time was 20 minutes less than last week’s. And I am pleased to see that trend has been downwards for the last few weeks. I uninstalled YouTube from my phone a few weeks back, which is one of the key reasons for lowered usage. YouTube sucks away time without you noticing. The best way I know to control this beast is to not be available to you. The web app is a pain enough to not be distracting. So jus…

YouTube has kind of become my learning resource lately so my time has gone up a fair bit recently.

  • One of my goals for 2023 is to learn a new programming language (Go) and become more proficient in one I know a little about (Python). In addition to reading materials, YouTube coding sessions have really helped to visualize not just the language but tools and aesthetics surrounding them.
  • I’m an armchair urbanist and watching videos made by creators like and gives me life. In fact I don’t watch a lot of “mainstream” TV because I’m a documentary and factoid nerd and content like this is 80% of my playlists.
  • YouTube is also the biggest repository of Lofi music on the internet and it’s the background sound of my existence at the moment, so you’re bound to hear it piped into whatever space I’m occupying while reading, sipping coffee, working and sometimes sleeping. YouTube is how it streams in most cases…

TLDR; I would be SOL if YouTube and Google started spazzing out like Twitter is right now… 🙄


Hello World, Hello GoBlog

Success! 🎉


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