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👀👀👀👀 Gyatt DAYUM!


I need to get my 💩 sorted and get my #indieweb blog back on track. The venerable GoBlog repo is probably eleventy-billion commits ahead of my instance right now.

Do I patch the place up or burn it down and start all over again….

🤔 what to do, what to do….

  • I really should reach out to once again since he’s made a ton of improvements to his site.
  • Also goes without saying to reach out to the creator of the engine powering this thing to see what he’s been cooking up lately…
  • *Sit down and learn Golang in earnest. I know, I knooooow… 😩


↩️ Reply to:

So we were kayaking near Oniona’s hometown when, for no reason at all, from the forest someone screams at me the N word. I was so confused I couldn’t react. Coincidentally, elections are coming up next month so I’ve started seeing anti-immigrants propaganda. I wonder if there’s any relation…

Wait, they use the N word … down there!?

My African-American mind has been expanded. There’s no escaping ignorance I guess. sigh


📽 Watched Hugo, (2011) - ★★★½

I wasn’t expecting this film to be the almost-tearjerker it wound up being but it managed to pull at several heartstrings. Then again, I also didn’t know Martin Scorsese directed and produced it either. Like all his films, it moves slowly at first while gathering strength and backstory in the first act (should’ve been my first clue right there!)

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