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I tend to use mostly text, hyperlinks with emphasis (italics) and bolding where needed. Occasionally I need a table for a list, and an embed to a video. Sometimes.

Markdown is helpful for that once you know it because its universal everywhere.


Matrix 2.0 and Mastodon 4.2.1 goodies have me wondering about an impending #ActivityPub Chat capability….




Welp, that’s what I get for horsing around and getting saddled with being the pun-police… 🐴 …I tend to let myself get roped into these threads too easily…


↩️ Reply to: The Week #138

We flew back to Japan and we're all happy to be home…

Onigiri is life, and salmon onigiri is Monopoly Man owning all the railroads and utilities level of living. Leo knows what’s up! 🍙 🧐



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