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StarrWulfe has been my handle since the first time I had to choose one in the BBS days back when the internet came screaming at you through the phone lines. Chances are if you see my handle, it’s probably something from me.

  • Messing around with Bluesky post embedding codes

    Per this post, I’m testing some ways to embed Bluesky posts into my WordPress powered site here. As I find other ways, I’ll add them here. Simple Blog Card using a shortcode and plugin: snippet creation using javascript: snippet creation using iframes:


  • On the subject of Connecting Federated Social Media Networks

    On the subject of Connecting Federated Social Media Networks

    The past few days on the Fediverse have served to remind me a few things: OK, with that preamble out the way, let’s get into the latest drama related iconically to trying to bridge this patchwork, fledgling open social media landscape. As you may be aware, there are two federated decentralized social media protocols that…


  • Bluesky takes the velvet rope down 🦋

    Bluesky has opened up and requires no waitlist now, so if you were searching for a Twitter alternative, then here you go:


  • …Now they’re just grasping at straws. We asked for something like this back in 2018 complete with a framework to provide AirBNB style housing and helping with Japanese government services like hoken, and the like. I’m sure none of the support part is included here and we all know how hard that is for anyone…


  • Hello COVID my old friend, I hoped we’d never meet again

    Hello COVID my old friend, I hoped we’d never meet again

    Here we go again with the bullshit.This time, my sense of smell is 90% gone. 😩 Paxlovid enroute and no real symptoms other than post-nasal drip from hell and sore back though, so hopefully this’ll be over in a few days. 🤞🏾


  • Last Week Today!  S2024E1&2

    Last Week Today!  S2024E1&2

    In the tradition of those of us who can’t do the daily “my day be like” journaling posts, there’s the tradition of the weekly post that sums up what happened the week before. In my nod to one of my favorite TV shows, Last Week Tonight, I’m swashbuckling (🏴‍☠️) the hell out their title and…


  • What’s the difference between a blog and a social posting site?

    This is gonna be a radical and controversial statement but in 2024, anything posted to the internet at-large, should be considered a “social post”. In fact, the same could be said for anything posted on the internet in 1994 too. Only the technology and methodology, and yes, nomenclature along with vernacular has changed. We don’t…


  • Fifteen Years Of WordPressing

    Fifteen Years Of WordPressing

    Unfortunately my previous blogs are lost to the ether but they were all mostly powered by WordPress. I might gather some of my backups and make some “backfill” posts and relive whatever moments I can find. Until then, let’s celebrate this milestone and thank the contributors and community around this great open source project.


  • What happened to passenger rail (in Georgia)?

    What happened to passenger rail (in Georgia)?

    Last month I talked about how with Georgia’s new federal funding for rail corridors, we could imagine a regional rail system that would make moving through the area so much better? Turns out, I’m not the only one, and our new favorite ATL urbanist Youtuber Nathan Davenport is back with another video detailing a bit…


  • I’m dreaming of a new website engine


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