Currently: last day of 2023

Last day of 2023 getting already started here in Atlanta. Let’s go!

⌚ Currently: Logged in online monitoring work stuff (yup, today’s a work day, at least til 2PM EST.) Quiet.

🎶 : Cowboy Bebop Lofi ( Lofi hip hop )

💻 Coding: nothing at the moment. I’m probably gonna tinker with my indieweb process in the blog a little. And just chat with you guys out here in land.

☕ Drinking: Wifey is about to put some 8 O’Clock Morning Blend in the grinder, I think.

🌤Wx: 30°F/-1°C and Sunny at 8:07 EST. Light east winds. going up to 60°F/15°C today. Above normal temp today, but gonna be chilly for the next few after this. 🥶

🔜Next up: Gonna prep a brisket to be smoked tomorrow for New Year’s Day dinner. Today is also 大晦日 Ōmisoka which means we’ll be eating toshikoshi udon is for dinner. If we were still in Japan, there’d be me watching Kohaku and trying to sing off key with my family. But we’re back in the US, so that means football then fireworks.

So, how’s everyone else out there? What did/will you do on the last day of 2023?