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Atlanta Beltline Loop Saga: The Man with the Original Plan drops big facts/FAQs

Over the past few days, the “Father of the Beltline” himself, Ryan Gravel, created a massive 70-something-odd long FAQ in response to the NIMBYist action group that popped up opposing the transit portion of the Atlanta Beltline.

His post is massively detailed and as pointed as one would expect of having to literally defend their graduate thesis even after half of it has been edified. It’s also a masterclass in how to keep fighting tooth-and-nail without resorting to name-calling and pettiness which seems to be the norm these days.

Anyone who is in favor of a more walkable, pedestrian and bike friendly version of Atlanta (or anywhere really) is encouraged to follow the link as it is very much worth the read in its entirety.  Also feel free to comment if you want to ask questions that aren’t covered as the FAQ is happily still open to additions.

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FAQ > “how are we supposed to walk to brunch?” by Ryan GravelRyan Gravel (ryangravel)

I’m answering those and all your top questions about transit and the Atlanta Beltline to the best of my ability. The purpose of this FAQ is to address renewed interest in transit and new rounds of meetings happening now and in early 2024. Please consider this a working document and feel free to propose another question or edit an answer – just message me.