The Week ending 12.24.2023

The week before Christmas — not much going on except the twice checking of lists and making sure of naughty or niceness.

The Tribe: celebrating one week since school holidays began, they mostly got into their Christmas shopping/making. I’m really glad Wifey and I made point of instilling making stuff rather than buying stuff for gifts. People should appreciate sweat and creativity more than good credit and next day delivery. I also taught them how to burn leaves. Here in GA, our trees don’t totally de-leaf until about now; no point in raking until then.

Me: still working and teaching myself NixOS and some tinkering with indieweb and fediverse stuff. Really now thinking I need to learn more web stuff. I am mostly a “this is what I want to do so let me learn how to do it” guy and I’m thinking the thing I want to do is gonna be really hard (for me) so I need to sit and really think which way to do it.

Next up: after Xmas we’re going to Florida in Big Hank, our RV. Just a few days. No Agenda. Just go and see what’s up down there. When we get back, there’s a big family gathering on New Year’s Day (which is why Xmas is just for the Tribe this year).

Feels: somewhat melancholic with peaks of satisfaction and optimism. I miss Japan around this time because O-Shogatsu is coming and the hustle into that calm period is a dopamine hit. There’s a similar vibe for Christmas but I don’t get to see the whole of humanity doing it like I did in Tokyo. But I’m extremely satisfied to see Wifey and Kiddos mixing what we did in Japan with what we do here. It’s really cool to see the excited expressions on their faces.



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  1. One of 2024’s New Year Resolutions is beginning now for me: The Week! This is where I chronicle the highlights and lowlights of my life. Maybe this will help me write more and be less stressed? I dunno. But if you’re interested, you should try it and feel free to comment anywhere you’re seeing this.