12 days ago I asked: Have I seen it all? And you humbled me with 87 suggestions… I did 80% of those & with only 6 days left in Tokyo. What must-sees remain?!

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Easy 2-hour jaunt in my old area:

Yoyogi-Uehara to Shimo-Kitazawa to Umegaoka by walking on the trail that used to be the surface tracks for the Odakyu Railway; they were undergrounded about 5 years ago now and a very nice bike/walk trail is in its place.

Bonus: the same for the Tokyo Meguro line between Fudomae and Kamiooka, but a little less apparent in places. Still a damn good walk and retraces how I walked from Gotanda to Hiyoshi in Yokohama during the aftermath of the 3/11 East Japan earthquake.