I still forget sometimes “Bluer than a muthaphucka” Atlanta is still surrounded by a bunch of crying ass ignoramuses who do this kind of shit because they can’t be assed to pick up a book that doesn’t have pictures and less than 20 point fonts in it. At least until shit like this happens.

In Georgia, a bill to cut all ties with the American Library Association is advancing by Tovia Smith for NPRTovia Smith for NPR (NPR)

Those who’ve been trying to remove certain books from childrens’ sections at public libraries are now taking aim at what they see as a source of the problem: the American Library Association.

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  1. There’s some other blue cities as shown on the map 😀

  2. and most of that red is trees, mountains, swamp, deer, squirrels, raccoons, and other animals and land features that can’t vote (I think!) It’s an Occam’s Razor’s edge thin margin of error usually around here, but sadly there’s not much interest in libraries by anyone on either side to care.