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👨🏾‍💻Husband, Father, Teacher, Journalist. Tokyoite, Atlantan, Afro-American. Globetrotter, Homebody. Storyteller, Story-Listener, Historian, Futurist. Striving to leave the world better than I found it.


StarrWulfe has been my handle since the first time I had to choose one in the BBS days back when the internet came screaming at you through the phone lines. Chances are if you see my handle, it’s probably something from me.

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    In honor of Father’s Day, I’m going to engage in one of my favorite past-times: $#!+posting dad jokes. 😏 If you’re a dad (or you have a dad– I guess that’d be everyone here except my immaculate conception, clones, androids and the asexual reproduction homies) please add to the ensuing and possibly annoying thread. Consider…


  • Apparently they were trying to film Speed 2 near my house today…


  • Invasion of the street car snatchers

    We have a ready-made 150 year old vacant right of way around central Atlanta begging for rail based transit… And the mayor is considering “slow moving people movers” and “pods” instead of connecting the downtown circulating streetcar to it (which it was why it was built) Click to load "ATL BELT: This video will make…


  • New Fediverse Bluesky bridge in beta testing

    New Fediverse Bluesky bridge in beta testing

    🌉 The OpenSNS bridge is live in beta! Uniting Mastodon’s ActivityPub and BlueSky’s ATProto, it’s a win for open social media.


  • Inconsolable Tangential War Victims

    It’s very hard to ignore the amount of suffering going on by people who just a few years ago were living an idyllic life just like me; I tried to refrain from saying something about this, but my mind won’t rest. (a commentary)


  • Bicycle safety tech “gadgetbahnery”

    Bicycle safety tech “gadgetbahnery”

    I’m all for new tech but all that’s really needed are Dutch style separated bike lanes and protected signal crossings if they really have this kind of money to burn. The vast majority of both cars and cyclists aren’t going to download a “watch out for bikes” app, this is silly and a waste of…


  • Since I would love to have Telegram be a first party “citizen” of the Fediverse, the network of open social media network apps and sites that are connected with ActivityPub, I formally opened a suggestion for it to be added somehow if possible via the Telegram user suggestion portal.


  • Japan has good neighborhood streets

    Japan has good neighborhood streets

    🚗 Traffic Calming: I really appreciate how Japan’s narrow streets naturally slow down traffic, unlike the wider roads back in the States where people tend to speed. 📚 Driving Education: Getting a driver’s license in Japan means going through an intensive and expensive driving school, which is quite different from my experience in the US.…


  • Last Week Today! S2024E9

    Last Week Today! S2024E9

    Was a busy (two) week(s) since the last one, so let’s catch up with happenings: 🎂 March 20th and 31st marks “Birthday Week” 🎌 One of my BFFs came back home for a visit with his wife and kiddo. 🤦🏾‍♂️ We lost a major part of our RV in the dumbest way possible. 🏖 Still,…


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    This will be my album cover if I were a musician right now. 500 Wonderwood Dr, JAX Beach, FL 72 °F Clear Sky


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