• I mean, dude was basically the Nixon behind Nixon so there’s nothing else to say ‘cept ‘bye Felicia’!

  • sunset behind Mt Fuji as seen from the Aqua Line Tollway in Japan

    sunset behind Mt Fuji as seen from the Aqua Line Tollway in Japan
    You can’t tell me that this view of from the #アクアライン isn’t worth it!

    A game my kids will sometimes play is “open the photos app on your phone and scroll as fast as you can until I yell “STOP!” and lets see what picture comes up…

    So from time-to-time, I’ll do that here since I took a crazy amount of phone pix in The Before Times, and give the backstory.

    Japan has a silly amount of cool infrastructure and one of the coolest is the Aqualine Bridge/Tunnel that sits smack in the middle of Tokyo Bay. Coming from Tokyo/Kawasaki/Yokohama, the road is a tunnel, but then just past the halfway point, it pierces the surface at a manmade island named Hotaru. There, you can exit the mainline at the service plaza and take in views like this along with partaking anything from a Starbuck’s coffee to a full-course meal.

    Umihotaru Parking Area Info

    東京湾横断道路 (Trans-Tokyo Bay Highway), Kisarazu, JP
  • Giving a Sunday listen to Andre 3000’s flute harmonics on his latest.

    The most pioneering ATLien is reaching us from beyond the Event Horizon with his newest outlet that we’re just coming to understand. Substitute Three Stacks’ lyricism and word play for flute pipping and staccatos and it’s still the same Andre Benjamin we met so many years ago. He just traded in the seat in the Cadillac for a jetpack and EVA suit and instead of telling us to meet him on the block, he wants us to hang out in the cosmos amongst the nebulae. It feels like the Drone Zone ambient stuff I used to relax to on XMMP/WinAmp back in the early 2000’s and still have in the background when chilling to this day. …I no longer feel “alone” with this stuff coz one of my fav artists digs it too. Hell 2 da yeah! 👍🏾

    …and I can definitely dig all that. I’m 46 and I feel like every 5~6 years I fall into a new “thing” to explore/deep-dive. I too am definitely not the same as the 17 year old that first met both Big Boi and 3000 in “SouthernPlayalisticCadillacFunkyMusik” (although I do like to relive those beats) so I completely get Dre wanting to do it differently and finally give us a window into what he’s been up to in Venice, California… Speaking of which, is one of my chill spots growing up in LA. I could defo see me riding the K Line from Inglewood, Changing to the E and hitting up Santa Monica with these tunes.