Here’s a test reply.

This better work or else I gotta beg for help.


Check out 🐙😸 Web => AP: wrong actor and author ids in outgoing AS2 activities #700 where is taking care of the regression that caused this. by JLG JLG (
Let’s test replies from my site, It works as an ActivityPub client and should funnel likes, reactions, and replies here. 🤞🤞
4 responses
  1. It did not. Better call

  2. It did not. Better call🤬

  3. Hmm! Looks like a Bridgy Fed bug. Sorry for the trouble, thank you for reporting! Filed #700 to track.

  4. Thanks for looking into this for me @snarfed! 🙇

    (webmention as a summoning device… who knew? 😉)

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