Mastodon OpenSNS (easily explained) in 180 Seconds 🐘

This is possibly the clearest explainer I’ve ever seen yet about /#mastodon.

Also a great intro to how works since the video is also on it’s own instance.

Gonna spread this far and wide!
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7 responses
  1. Lately, everyone seems to be trying to jump ship from Twitter to this new thing called “Mastodon”. Watch our video to learn more about it.

  2. @jlgatewood

    Nice vid. Tip for everyone..

    Open the #Peertube link from your microblogging (e.g. #Mastodon) and give that you like and a boost too. The like will show up below the @tilvids video and help make people see that peertube is also attractive for them to reach an audience.

  3. @jlgatewood

    Glad you found the explainer video helpful! We’re happy to be able to use our #PeerTube instance to bring more awareness to #Mastodon and the #Fediverse


  4. @jlgatewood @jikodesu I’m curious to understand better how Mastodon is managed as a whole. How is it not a company when it has a CEO? (I was just reading a mashable article about this.)

  5. @tsyum @jikodesu
    I believe it’s managed under an open source project in the same manner as manages the linux kernel or Mozilla manages Firefox. Most large-scale open source software have a similar structure.

    Visit for more info there.

    Mastodon – Decentralized social media

  6. @jlgatewood Comparison with email appropriate only to some extent.
    I would like if someone differentiate #mastodon vs #fedivers vs and #pubsub

  7. @Oleksii

    Here you go:

    Mastodon – a microblogging/status posting software package that uses ActivityPub to federate between other instances of servers to form a mesh network of social media servers and services.
    Fediverse – the nickname many have started calling this federated mesh network; it is a term that describes a network of social networks that can communicate with each other using open standards and protocols. The word Fediverse is a combination of “federation” and “universe”.
    PubSub – Pub/Sub is a term that stands for publish/subscribe, which is a design pattern for asynchronous communication between different components or services in a distributed system.

    In reply to

    Fediverse – Wikipedia