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@hq1 Well, I’ve got@the time in my bar. Though I suppose this is helpful to let you know when you ram the command historically?
screenshot of my terminal window

Here’s mine. I still like Powerline. It’s dynamic and expands/shrinks depending on what’s being shown. The “I” is for insert mode (I use Vim keys and modes in the terminal!) Hostname (will change when remoting into another box) and the pwd (will only show 3 levels deep then /r…/a…/config/bkup.). If I enter a source controlled directory, the status will show as well as whenever entering a locked read only directory.
Time and date is grayed out on the right, will shrink or disappear if needed.

pierre ( (Mastodon 🐘) that’s the beauty of mastodon isn’t it, all the third party app’s available to choose from! And just like IceCubes, Ivory is in very early days. It isn’t the final build by all means. The team is constantly working on it and there’s so much more to come!

Certainly! There’s so much available out here– even the ActivityPub protocol Mastodon uses allows for interconnectivity– I’m not even using Mastodon right now, I’m using my website! Now it would be really nice if Tapbots ever built something to accommodate sites that could do webmentions like mine.

Derek Wessman ( (Mastodon) actually at one point i advanced quite a ways into the process to be a Delta flight attendant. the idea was to work the minimum and reap the flying benefits. if i knew where prices would go i might do it now
Well I’m in Atlanta, Delta’s hometown and I know a few folks that might help that process if you wanted to do it. I actually thought about working for Delta operations in Narita or Haneda at one point…

terhechte ( (
Attached: 1 image I've had the idea for a weird kind of Twitter client for years. With Mastodon being all open, I've decided to do the experiment: What if your Timeline looked like iMessage. A normal timeline confuses me to no end because everything is out of context. My experiment, Ebou, is a Mastodon client that looks like iMessage. Conversations are grouped by friends and sorted by recent postings. It is super basic right now, but this already feels much more natural to me 😀

a screenshot of a Mastodon client with a very iMessage looking UI

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