Return of “Return to Atlanta”

I really hope the author of this blog indeed does come back to chronicle the changing landscapes of Atlanta’s Beltline.

While I don’t have any “before” pictures to pull, I may consider doing this sort of series myself to at least give feedback from my memories as an on/off/on/off/on again resident here. I remember the Atlanta of the mid 1980’s in my childhood, then again starting 10 years later in my early adult years until 2000– then again for 3 years starting in 2005, and finally the present.

(You know I’ll definitely be doing this for Japan whenever I wander back that way; from what I can tell, Shibuya is largely unrecognizable from even 2 years ago when I was last there.)

Return to Atlanta by Zeus Zeus (

From 1989 through 1995 I roamed Atlanta, taking photos of scenes that were certain to vanish in the near future. Two decades later I’m returning to the same spots to see how things have changed.

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  1. Also, that pic above is just the blown up avatar of the author; maybe this pic is a better representation of the content over there:

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