Joes Coffee logo as seen on the main counter inside the shop.

I don’t know why I haven’t hit Joe’s …

I don’t know why I haven’t hit Joe’s up yet, but I did miss this spot.

Located right in the middle of East Atlanta Village on Flat Shoals and Glenwood, this place is the epicenter of the local daily third place in the area; one that used to be hella rough around the edges. Filled with big ass comfy sofas and tables, wide coffee selections (the Jittery Joe will wake that ass up, and the lavender tea will put it back to sleep!) and the best damn customer service and 2008 prices in 2024.

Plus they’ve got lots of home baked goodies and treats. This place is located a little too close to my area for me not to wind up $10 lighter a few times a month…

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Joe’s East Atlanta Coffee Shop


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