Bluesky takes the velvet rope down 🦋

Bluesky has opened up and requires no waitlist now, so if you were searching for a Twitter alternative, then here you go:

Once registered, find me here:

For reference:

FeatureBlueskyActivityPub/MastodonOther SNS
Account PortabilityYes (ATProto was designed with this in mind.)Yes (but it varies with the app/site you’re working withNo
Moderationcommunity basedcommunity basedCentralized
FocusText, photo (video on roadmap)VariousVaries
CustomizationHighVery highNone
AccessJust made publicMost instances public but some are not.Public

My take:

It’s basically what Twitter was supposed to become before Elon Musk bought the place and turned it into a festering cesspool. And while I’m more of an ActivityPub/Mastodon/Indieweb enthusiast, there’s no reason not to have a Bluesky account since the two will talk to each other in the very near future thanks to folks like and

Besides all that, it’s so new, you can still smell the wet paint and fresh drywall over there, so you can move in and create your own space quite easily now… and if it gets enshittified, then no love lost, right? Whatcha got to lose?