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  • Federating the fediverse: BlueSky alpha version

    Federating the fediverse: BlueSky alpha version

    ActivityPub and ATProto get a bridge– Brid.gy to be more precise!

  • Vergecast: Musings on POSSE, SNS and Indieweb vs ActivityPub

    The author details their experience in the #fediverse, relying on POSSE and PESO principles. The Indieweb methodology promotes building personal websites that facilitate conversation. More prevalent than ever, websites serve as un-siloed SNS spaces. A shift back towards this basic principle of internet communication has recently gained popularity, reflected in a widely-discussed podcast episode. The…

  • Untitled post 15433

    This chart needs to be put into git control and updated as time permits so evacuees/refugees from the bird site can have some sort of map to orient themselves. Roni Laukkarinen (@rolle@mementomori.social) by Roni Laukkarinen (Memento mori) Attached: 1 image Most notable Twitter-like microblogging services 2023 #Twitter #X #Bluesky #Threads #Mastodon #SocialMedia

  • Still having a hell of a time trying to convince WordPress that it’s also a Mastodon/Friendica friendly ActivityPub instance too. I’m using both BridgyFed and a locally installed plugin to push/pull content across the Fediverse and it’s half-baked for now. Webmentions to ActivityPub work, but aren’t seeming to translate into proper replies and boosts over there… Ditto with the plug-in. It could be my formatting doing strange things but even my hand coded properly formatted microformats aren’t hitting right for some reason. I’m tempted to try breaking things up into segments by just adding a self-hosted single instance Friendica server (or something lighter… I dunno.) If anyone has a proper workflow for this, let me know…

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