Vergecast: Musings on POSSE, SNS and Indieweb vs ActivityPub

My whole presence in the is predicated on POSSE (and PESO) principles along with federated posting and SNS. I’m a semi-active part of the Indieweb community where this grassroots methodology sprang forth. It’s one of “build your own website and have others comment on it — that’s the network right there” simplicity.

Just like email is still the most universal messaging app, websites are still the least silo’d SNS app. It seems as if my cause to get back to basics has been taken up by a lot more than I thought lately, so much so, that today a very popular podcast topic was all about this very thing and features just about everyone I’ve personally tapped at some point for guidance in my own journey.

In summary, the article and accompanying podcast talk about:

  • POSSE: A way of posting on your own website and syndicating to other platforms. It gives you more control and reach over your content.
  • Challenges: POSSE requires technical skills, time, and tools to manage cross-posting and engagement. It also raises questions about platform norms and audience preferences.
  • Solutions: Tools like, Bridgy, and WordPress can help with POSSE. A two- or three-step publishing process can allow customization for each platform.
  • Future: POSSE is part of a more open and decentralized social web. It might lead to new tools for reading, moderating, organizing, and algorithmizing posts.

The Vergecast
The poster’s guide to the new internet
  • I goofed the title… It’s ActivityPub not ActivityWeb. I don’t know why I keep subconsciously making that mistake.
  • I’d be remiss if I didn’t link to Tantek’s beautifully crafted summary of his own thoughts about the interview and a deeper reflection/explanation of the subjects therein; Also his site is one of the oldest and comprehensive POSSE/PESO efforts ever seen and should be used as an example. Visit it at t5TZ1
  • The site is the perfect place to get all this information about crafting your own effort in this space if you want to give it a go. Visit and if you get stuck, you can chat with other enthusiasts and advocates like me thru IRC/Slack/Discord as well.
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8 responses
  1. Good nuggets of information in here with some familiar folks talking about POSSE and even!

  2. @darnell Have you had a chance to check this one out yet?

  3. Kudos to @t and @manton for this BTW. Maybe some more words coming on the podcast this week?

  4. @starrwulfe it’s a good overview (both the podcast and your summary toot)

  5. @rrix gonna pass it out to anyone who asks me why I keep trying to edit code and posts on my phone on my down time 😂

  6. @starrwulfe Thanks! Yep, would be good to talk more about this on the podcast.

  7. If 2010-2020 was the Great Social Media Consolidation, looks like 2022 and beyond are gonna be the Great Innanet Decentralization, and I’m 1oo% present. #OwnYourVoice

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