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  • Federating the fediverse: BlueSky alpha version

    Federating the fediverse: BlueSky alpha version

    ActivityPub and ATProto get a bridge– to be more precise!

  • It’s a real head scratcher. I guess I’ll need to ensure crossposting is turned on here at StarrWulfe HQ then I won’t have to deal with this foolishness again. If anyone has some experience with and how to do this effectively, please give me a shout. 🙇🏾‍♀️ #WebsiteWoes

  • I really hope Chris doesn’t mind me borrowing literally 90% of his layout, formatting and general overall aesthetic from Boffo Socko when I’m ready to smooth out the edges of my site here.They way it looks and how information is presented is just what you’d expect of a person who is rather efficient at capturing…

  • Vergecast: Musings on POSSE, SNS and Indieweb vs ActivityPub

    The author details their experience in the #fediverse, relying on POSSE and PESO principles. The Indieweb methodology promotes building personal websites that facilitate conversation. More prevalent than ever, websites serve as un-siloed SNS spaces. A shift back towards this basic principle of internet communication has recently gained popularity, reflected in a widely-discussed podcast episode. The…