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  • Vergecast: Musings on POSSE, SNS and Indieweb vs ActivityPub

    The author details their experience in the #fediverse, relying on POSSE and PESO principles. The Indieweb methodology promotes building personal websites that facilitate conversation. More prevalent than ever, websites serve as un-siloed SNS spaces. A shift back towards this basic principle of internet communication has recently gained popularity, reflected in a widely-discussed podcast episode. The…

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    This chart needs to be put into git control and updated as time permits so evacuees/refugees from the bird site can have some sort of map to orient themselves. Roni Laukkarinen (@rolle@mementomori.social) by Roni Laukkarinen (Memento mori) Attached: 1 image Most notable Twitter-like microblogging services 2023 #Twitter #X #Bluesky #Threads #Mastodon #SocialMedia