This chart needs to be put into git control and updated as time permits so evacuees/refugees from the bird site can have some sort of map to orient themselves.

Table: Twitter: Safe space: Heck no, Ads: Yes, Self-hosted: No, Character limit 280, Open source: No, Users: 556 million, Editing posts: Only paid, Content warnings: Sort of, Per post visibility: No, Search: Full, Decentralized: No Bluesky: Safe space: No, Ads: Not yet, Self-hosted No, Character limit 300, Open source: Sort of, Users 1.3 million, Editing posts: No, Content warnings: Sort-of, Per post visibility: No, ,Search: Full, Decentralized: Not yet Threads: Safe space: No, Ads: Not yet, Self-hosted: No, Character limit 500, Open source: Never, 130 million users, Editing posts: No, Content warnings: Sort of, Per post visiblity: No, Search: Full, Decentralized: Not yet Mastodon: Safe space: yes, Ads, Never, Self-hosted: Yes, Character limit 500-10000, Open source: Yes, Users: 14 million, Editing posts: Yes, Content warnings: Yes, Per post visibility: Yes, Search: Opt-in, Decentralized: Yes

Roni Laukkarinen ( by Roni LaukkarinenRoni Laukkarinen (Memento mori)

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