Nah, thank YOU!

After that big kerfuffle, you could’ve been like “well forget y’all if you don’t want this FREE thing I was about to do to help people out and causing me grief over it”, but you didn’t. Instead, you kept a cooler head and made overtures to concerned parties and let them become part of the process and own some of it. A masterclass in project stakeholder management (guess what I do for my day job? 😉)

I’ll keep the github issues coming anytime I see something strange or needing clarification; let me know how I can help anytime and thanks again for keeping Bridgy Fed awesome as awesome as it is!

Bill Murray is wearing a dark shirt or jacket, is raising and lowering his eyebrows and pointing directly at the viewer.
Background: The background features a gradient of blue tones, simple and uncluttered.
Text Message: At the bottom of the image, there’s white text that reads “YOU’RE AWESOME” by Ryan BarrettRyan Barrett (
Phew! It’s been quite a few days, Bridgy Fed is up to almost 2500 bridged accounts total. Thanks again for all of your interest! I’ve been in a constant state of whiplash, back and forth between hearing “this is so cool!” and “it’s broken in these 10 different ways.” I love that you al…

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