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  • I have been meaning to get off my lazy duff and switch from ZeroTier to Tailscale for the longest and the idea of almost-zero config dynamic relative URLs to access things is pushing me towards the tipping point… Need to research how many of my limited brain clock cycles will need to be burned for…

  • Notes on making a Digital Garden with WordPress ( Andy Sylvester wrote me asking about my digital garden: I followed links to your site from Dave Winer’s Scripting News site, your digital garden site is cool! I am interested in what theme you started with to create that site. Andrew Shell has developed some tools…

  • User-driven, officially unofficial radio station for Lemmy? Yes please!

    The #fediverse is simply outstanding. This guy is overwhelmed at his fellow Lemmings (our answer to Redditors) as the chomp at the bit to help set up a community internet public radio station with crowdsourced playlists and talk show topics. — Read on

  • 🔖 Programming On 34 Keys

    Programming On 34 Keys ( Minimizing your keyboard layout is a slippery slope.