🔖wandy.dev: I’ve added social interactions to my blog!

Andy somehow tricked his Jekyll instance into deploying twice:

  • First deployment creates the post itself
  • In the intrim, another process creates a post on his mastodon instance with the post link from the blog in the post
  • Then the server grabs the newly minted mastodon post’s URL and stamps it into the original blog post’s YAML as a post edit.

I need to automate some stuff around here! 😓

I’ve added social interactions to my blog! by Andy DeVaneAndy DeVane (wandy.dev)

I’m very excited to announce that I’ve added two ways that you can interact with my blog posts! webmention and Mastodon replies! As I stated in my first post, I want this to be my home on the web. A part of that is being able to send and receive interactions from elsewhere on the web, while main…