@wandy_dev The real fun is when you have a blog that does both webmentions and activitypub natively and need to figure out what protocol is the best one to reply with. 😸

Also, hello fellow ATLien! 👋🏾

🔖wandy.dev: I’ve added social interactions to my blog! by starrwulfestarrwulfe

Andy somehow tricked his Jekyll instance into deploying twice: First deployment creates the post itself In the intrim, another process creates a post on his mastodon instance with the post link from the blog in the post Then the server grabs the newly minted mastodon post’s URL and stamps it into …

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  1. @starrwulfe For now I'm happy with what I got right now. We'll see what else I want to do in the future.

    Cool to see other ATLiens! Fish and grits and all that pimp shit lol.

    1. Yeah, don’t get into the habit of endless tweaks like me! You’ll be stuck like I-285 traffic!


      That’s a cool implementation you have though- I’m wondering if I can do a similar thing here with a different protocol on a WordPress powered blog…waitaminute NO!!

      See what I mean?!

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