as says, those who self-host can do …

as says, those who self-host can do what you’re asking already; this reply is coming from a wordpress blog and uses my username within WordPress as the handle; is the domain.

Maybe a compromise with blogs could be something similar since you can also set up a username there too? Something like is do-able, right?


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  1. @starrwulfe it’s a bit more complicated than this. The @domain@domain user is the blog user and not a specific author. We have done this to have an easy way to subscribe to the blog, regardless of who posted something and to not stress users with lots of settings.

  2. @starrwulfe on higher plans you can also enable author profiles, besides the blog profile. That’s the second argument why we can not simply use an author name because it would cause a collision then. You can see both accounts enabled on my site: for the whole blog and .

    1. I see the point in this case; I assumed that setting was for blogs/sites with multiple user/authors and provides a "firehose" of content but I didn't thing about the ability to simply subscribe to the blog this way in lieu of using RSS. 👌