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@jan @janboddez so hang on a sec; how do I do this on my own WP blog here? What do I “aim” the activitypub_in_reply_to field at to get the “inline federated reply” trick to work?

(side note; how do I put the shortlink next to the date as the permalinks like how you’ve done?)

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  1. @starrwulfe Hi, I (hopefully) just sent you a webmention 😅 from my blog, though it may depend on your parser whether it comes through or not.

    So, either way, it looks like you figured it out.

    Two (unrelated) things, though:

    It looks like your post does not have a u-url that links back to itself. That somehow causes the PHP microformats parser to pick up both @-mentions (which have u-url mention classes) instead. I think it would be solved if you’d enabled the post date block’s “link.”

    1. @starrwulfe See also:

      And, 2., while your post looks just fine here in Mastodon’s web UI, there is a lot of extra whitespace when I view it in Tusky on Android. I think this is a bug in the AP plugin when blocks are in use. I vaguely remember filing an issue, even, but then forgot about it as I use a custom “AP content” filter and don’t personally suffer from it anymore.

      Oh, and the webmention I referred to was of course about this here reply:

      1. @janboddez @starrwulfe

        What I’ve been doing to get around some of the hangups with trying to thread comments in the comment section is just by using as a “sidecar” with a subdomain to the main blog and just comment in this manner. Activitypub (and suprisingly Bluesky/AT-Proto) are pretty reliable.

        it could be that I need to pick a plugin vs another. I have both the Indieweb Webmention and the IndieBlocks webmention plugins rolling.
        the white space thing could be my formatting because of the above and I do have a template on that formats the syndicated posts a certain way; it could be doing the same thing to the webmentions??