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This has always been a headscratcher for me too. I recently just settled for rerouting root webmentions to go to /about since that’s where all the ActivityPub @me traffic winds up.

Never thought of just having it send a status email. Need to toy with it a bit.

What happens on your side if someone just links to your site’s URL? Do you get the trackback?

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  1. My site doesn’t accept trackbacks or pingbacks so unless they send a webmention I won’t know.

    1. Well there’s always that route too! 🙈 I’m going thru the colophon section of my favorite design indieweb blogs so I can steal borrow ideas for that blog system project I told you about a few weeks ago. Big post about it later today, and I’d really appreciate it if you could give feedback, opinions and ideas– I like your concept of “blog as a life app”.
      (BTW, I’m testing posting replies to replies inline from my comments section on posts. I hope this works 🤞🏾)