“This has long been the dream, and it …

“This has long been the dream, and it seems like the platforms betting on it in various ways — Mastodon, Threads, Bluesky, Flipboard, and others — are where all the energy is, while attempts to rebuild closed systems keep hitting the rocks.”

The Verge via @tchambers

Today, popular blogging and site building platform Ghost announced it will federate via ActivityPub in much the same I do with WordPress on this site.

I hope this entices more projects current and new to consider federation.

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  1. Also, I’m gonna show activitypub.ghost.org to anyone and everyone who asks “Why should I care about federated social media.” It’s a manifesto for the open web and reiterates ActivityPub as a W3C protocol like SMTP for email.

    This isn’t a fad, a bolt-on, or a corporate takeover. This is what social networks should’ve been from the beginning.

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