♻️👍🏾Why and How I Use Mastodon – Life on the Wicked Stage: Act 3

Been roaming the Land where Mastodons roam for about a year now. Here’s a few thoughts on why and how I use it and why. I’m glad @Gargron and gang made this possible.

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I had just set out to write a massive love letter to ActivityPub and the Fediverse when @WarnerCrocker dropped this cool summation of his findings after spending a year over here with us on the Wooly Mammoth side of town. It kinda mirrors my feelings to a tee, and moreover goes into how it’s not hard to use nor follow and understand, its more because its inherently different and most folks are into instant gratification, FOMO, and usually prefer posing as a pioneer rather than doing the hard work of actually being the first kid on the block in a different part of town.

Read his take first, then look out for mine coming later this week.

Why and How I Use Mastodon by Warner Crocker (warnercrocker.com)

We’ve just marked the anniversary of Elon Musk purchasing Twitter. You could call it the beginning of the end. Many see it as a dark day. I’m just the opposite. Musk buying Twitter and then selfishly and sadistically delighting in destroying it will probably go down in history as one of the best…

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  1. @WarnerCrocker — great article. I had to repost/like/all the things. So many parallels from my experience, including the take on Bluesky and Threads too.

  2. @starrwulfe @Gargron Thanks for your very kind words. I will certainly be looking forward to yoru take!

  3. …the same also applies to Bluesky for me as well!

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