Testing again.

Hope the activitypub folks cans see this now….

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  1. @starrwulfe Need to figure out how to craft a reply on my side and not have it turn into a helter/skelter bunch of interlinked web pages on the site and be more of a threaded comment scroll…

    1. Reply with federation button is working if you can see this…

  2. yeah, it’s kinda wonky from over here still too…

  3. OK clearly there needs to be some work done here… I’m getting a strange feedback loop going to @jlgatewood whenever posting from the blog now.

    Grr… I’ll need to take a break, eat some dinner, watch some TV and jump back into it before bed. Maybe clearing my head a bit will surface a fix.

    BRB 🍽😋

    1. Comments do seem to be working. I’ll take that as a small win after 4 hours trying to test these plugins.

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