job done

Well that does it for me tonight. I got a lot done on this here ol’ site.

I’ll continue to kick the tires and fill in the gaps but so far so good.

  • Indieweb stuff seems to be working as seen at and tested with some good friends. Will run thru the tests tomorrow to make sure.
  • ActivityPub stuff is 70% there; @starrwulfe is using plugin and is using Bridgy Fed. They’re both the same feed and I pray I didn’t just tear a hole in the fabric of space/time trying this.
  • This may not be the final theme, but it’s a good skeleton to use while I’m in the alpha/beta stage here; ultimately, I want to mimic my terminal window as that’s what I use everyday while working. It’ll be minimal but awesome.

–Good night from ATL|GA|USA 😴

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