Itch scratchin’: plumbing is (mostly) finished 🛠

The site is looking good actually, and for once I’m pleased with how it works and feels. So now that the plumbing and skeleton is done, let’s continue on the journey a bit.

Things I need to do on the site today:

🔌 Add a few more plug ins for quality of life, especially after seeing this list 👉🏾 Check out Nick Simson’s Plugin Inventory for some inspiration.

  • Humans TXT manager: …those who know, know.
  • Layout Grid: to help line things up better, especially for the mobile viewport side of things.
  • post-type-switcher: Because I’ve been needing to get the /notes section up to snuff and some of those posts are in the wrong section.
  • Shortpixel image optimizer: especially if this is going to be my new Instagram hub.
  • WP Dark Mode: because my theme is dark but some like the light!
  • WP Toolbelt: Jetpack is too heavy.

🧹 I’ll also clean up the layouts some and get the CSS tightened up as well too.

💬 As always, if anyone out there has any suggestions or questions about all this, reply/webmention/toot/skeet/yell on all the appropriate channels.

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This is my WordPress powered social hub and sometimes-second-brain. It follows “indieweb” conventions like POSSE and is fully ActivityPub compatible, meaning it talks to Mastodon, Micro.Blog and other connected similar sites.
The site is looking good actually, and for once I’m pleased with how…

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