cloudflare bad gateway error screenshot showing's current offline status

Vivaldi’s Mastodon instance appears to be down and I have some advice for SNS users

Yikes 😬
My second-most used Mastodon instance is @starrwulfe… I hope its scheduled downtime and not a DDOS or worse.
The good thing about federation is they’re not the only game in town. My main instance is @starrwulfe (which is actually a WordPress powered blog as well). I practice POSSE so the majority of my nonsense emanates from here and radiates out into the interwebs via syndication thanks to Bridgy and Micro.Blog.


cloudflare bad gateway error screenshot showing's current offline status
Well that ain’t good…


I’ll be going into detail on how I’m doing this and maybe the reasons behind the philosophy of why it’s important to cultivate a “digital garden” and maintain your own “outpost on the internet” over the next few weeks, but hopefully you can clearly see the “why you should have your own independent services” part of the conversation expressed in the screenshot above. If you’re as old as me, you’ll remember the fledgling days of 2009~2015 or so when the failwhale would show on the Old Bird, and we’d be incommunicado for some minutes/hours/even-days-that-one-time and the innanet would have to resort to… I dunno, email or Google+/Wave or whatever. 🤣

This is one problem is trying to solve. If your email server went down, you’d just send that important email from your backup email account (I know you have at least one backup email account you’re not actively using, right? 😏) Why should social media be any different; we’re using SNS (Social Network Services) just like email these days, so we should be treating how we use it in the same manner.

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  1. Somehow I was able to use the <a href="“>Phanpy along with any mobile app to access the account so apparently there was a problem with the default front end…
    Again, having an open API and open-source code helps alleviate hangups and faults. There are probably wide swaths of users that never noticed a thing because they always go through apps.

  2. LOL And now is up but my main 🐘 account over at is down…

    Guess I'd better step on that account migration ASAP