🎧 The Real Folk Blues

…will never not be the song I kick ass in when I want to shut everyone up in a karaoke setting. カラオケなら俺の一番最高セレクション。最近を聞くと新宿にあるのいつも来店に行ったバーの暖かいメモリーを出す。それと帰り道の電車の多摩川を渡す大橋とガタンガッタン音も聞いてくる。

The Real Folk Blues by 菅野よう子 from last.fm


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  1. @starrwulfe@starrwulfe.xyz
    So… Would you watch another season of that one Netflix version?

    1. …I would, but only if they bring Edward and Ein to the mix. It was like half the show was missing without them. It’s like Star Wars with Luke, Leia and Darth Vader and even Palpatine, but Han Solo and Chewie got left out.

      …Boneheaded move!