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Reblog via Jeff Sikes

SpaceHost is out of beta. It’s a new hosting platform for LOTS of different fediverse platforms, not just Mastodon!


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  1. @starrwulfe @box464
    Is this your project? Pretty snazzy and I have two additions if possible: Snac and The smallest possible AP microblogging servers you can get away with.


    1. Not my project, just mentioning it’s availability. Snac and GoToSocial would be great, agreed. And – first time hearing about I think? Thanks!

      1. no worries! I’ll see if I can track the owner of the project down and mention that to them. I see some of the Snac guys running the instance off Raspberry Pis and other SBCs, and can be its own small blog with fediversal comments. Oh and before I forget, there’s also GoBlog which I used before WordPress had the AP plugin:
        It does webmentions and activitypub right out the box. I might need to revisit it again, especially if @en has a way to import from wordpress and back up to flat markdown text files… 🤔

        1. @starrwulfe
          GoBlog’s got you covered there according to the docs:

          Command to export all posts to Markdown files

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