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StarrWulfe has been my handle since the first time I had to choose one in the BBS days back when the internet came screaming at you through the phone lines. Chances are if you see my handle, it’s probably something from me.

  • Japan has good neighborhood streets

    Japan has good neighborhood streets

    🚗 Traffic Calming: I really appreciate how Japan’s narrow streets naturally slow down traffic, unlike the wider roads back in the States where people tend to speed. 📚 Driving Education: Getting a driver’s license in Japan means going through an intensive and expensive driving school, which is quite different from my experience in the US.…


  • Last Week Today! S2024E9

    Last Week Today! S2024E9

    Was a busy (two) week(s) since the last one, so let’s catch up with happenings: 🎂 March 20th and 31st marks “Birthday Week” 🎌 One of my BFFs came back home for a visit with his wife and kiddo. 🤦🏾‍♂️ We lost a major part of our RV in the dumbest way possible. 🏖 Still,…


  • Untitled post 548927

    This will be my album cover if I were a musician right now. 500 Wonderwood Dr, JAX Beach, FL 72 °F Clear Sky


  • Untitled post 543762

    Of course we picked the only day it’s raining down here to be camping at the JAX beaches. Well we’re gonna still make the most of the time off!


  • Untitled post 510695

    Promises made, promises kept.


  • Last Week Today! S2024E7

    Last Week Today! S2024E7

    Here’s what happened this past week with me… Health Checkup: My yearly physical exam went well, except for slightly elevated fasting glucose levels. The doctor emphasized exercise to prevent diabetes. Exercise Dilemma: Since returning from Japan, I’ve lacked motivation for exercise. But now, I’ve decided to buy a bike and resume my overseas fitness routine.…


  • Throwback Post #1: Waxing Nostalgic on Blogs and Smartphones

    Throwback Post #1: Waxing Nostalgic on Blogs and Smartphones

    As a few-times reporter in the bustling world of full-time journalism, I found solace and expression through my personal blogging. The keyboard was my faithful companion as I clickity-clacked out my thoughts, observations, and narratives. Back then, my blog was not merely an online diary; it was a sanctuary where I unwound the string of…


  • Messing around with Bluesky post embedding codes

    Per this post, I’m testing some ways to embed Bluesky posts into my WordPress powered site here. As I find other ways, I’ll add them here. Simple Blog Card using a shortcode and plugin: snippet creation using javascript: snippet creation using iframes:


  • On the subject of Connecting Federated Social Media Networks

    On the subject of Connecting Federated Social Media Networks

    The past few days on the Fediverse have served to remind me a few things: OK, with that preamble out the way, let’s get into the latest drama related iconically to trying to bridge this patchwork, fledgling open social media landscape. As you may be aware, there are two federated decentralized social media protocols that…


  • Bluesky takes the velvet rope down 🦋

    Bluesky has opened up and requires no waitlist now, so if you were searching for a Twitter alternative, then here you go:


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