test microformats post

basically testing to see if this will get picked up by BridgyFed

For some reason, BridgyFed decided it was done federating my posts from here. So I think I need to reconjigure my stuff over here and make sure the extraneous formats aren’t botching things… Then I can get to the bottom of this foolishness

Gonna also syndicate to Micro.Blog for good measure too.

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  1. @starrwulfe @starrwulfe
    Well crossposting to Micro.Blog seems to be working fine now. Can’t understand what the problem was before. I need to work on feed discovery from my site– there’s likely a separate feed for the different post types, kinds, categories, etc…

  2. @starrwulfe@starrwulfe.xyz maybe it cut off completely since it looks like an article on IceCubes. :mastozany:

  3. In reply to [Reply] test microformats post basic… – starrwulfe »federated« by starrwulfe.

    This is testing if I can post a comment from micropublish.net micropub server.

    –let’s change the coding a little and update…

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