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ActivityPub for WordPress was updated today adding Bidirectional …

ActivityPub for WordPress was updated today adding Bidirectional Comment Federation.

Means I can type in the comments to replies and they should federate back over to the original thread. Before, WordPress really couldn’t act as a discussion federator; I made it easy on myself by just federating my comment URLs via webmention to wherever they needed to go manually (copy comment, paste into other website text box, submit.) Or at the very best, use my Mastodon or MicroBlog account to respond. Hopefully this makes replying back to others easier now; although I still don’t know about Webmention support or how it works in syndication…

I guess let’s find out? 🙈

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  1. @starrwulfe ok I’ll start here. But will this count as a webmention too because 🤷🏾‍♂️

    1. OK here’s the big test…

      Also this comment fell into the spam filter. Thanks Askismet.

      1. @starrwulfe It did make it over here so there’s that.

        1. Akismet keeps spamming the replies though. What’s up with all that?

          Anyway I just found something pretty interesting out. I think we’ve been using webmentions the whole time here using this format:
 and not the other way. Gotta test that next.

  2. @starrwulfe I missed that news somehow. @danny what we were saying yesterday about #WebMention and comments is no longer true.

    1. @lordmatt @starrwulfe still unclear about how comment federation works with this new version of #ActivityPub. Does it mean comments will federate from WordPress > Mastodon or the other way around?

      Will have to test this out when I'm awake enough

      1. @danny @lordmatt

        Both. It means if you have a WordPress blog, you can now interact in the comments section of your own blog with replies and they will federate back into the timelines of all mentioned, just like this one did hopefully. (check the original permalink on my comment here and you’ll see what I mean by viewing my website directly.)

        Usually we WordPressers make an original posting and then when comments federate in from ActivityPub, we answer from a pure Mastodon/Akkoma/Friendica/etc account or have to make a whole different “note” post using in-reply-to mentions. Natively replying within the comments section is way better of course. This does not mean that any other person who comments on the post will federate, just those registered on the local WordPress site as a user with ActivityPub privileges.

    2. Btw, what were y’all saying about webmentions and comments?

      Classic image of Gene Wilder with an 'I'd like to hear what you have to say' pose.

  3. @pfefferle there’s also a big bug in here where any nested reply past the 3rd level somehow winds up on the front page of the site instead of where its parent is, dropping COMMENT_POST_ID and getting the default <2>.

    I’m doing some serious SQL fixing right now to move comments where they should be, but is there already an issue out for this in the Girhub?


    1. this is not a bug (works perfect on my site since month), but seems to be a problem with caching. We are already checking how to work around that properly.

      1. @pfefferle 😊 thanks! So you’re saying maybe I just need to adjust the cache settings somehow on my side to mitigate?
        If you have an issue in GitHub I can track, please share, and of course if you need help testing, I’m happy to tinker around too 👍🏾

        1. this comments ActivityPub version does not work:


          <br />curl &quot;<a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow noopener noreferrer" translate="no"><span class="invisible">https://</span><span class=""></span><span class="invisible"></span></a>&quot; \<br /> -H 'Accept: application/activity+json'<br />

          should return JSON… and in your case it doesn't… that's why it can't thread the comments properly…

          1. @pfefferle
            Thanks for pointing me at those issues.

            Btw, these comments under the long thread seem to post just fine… I’m not using any caching at all.

            Check all after

            1. @starrwulfe yes, because the posts have different URLs which seem to work properly.

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