In reply to This is the u-in-reply-to …

This is the u-in-reply-to post from that will show up first as a response to the original post.

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  1. …and this is the reply coming from which is actually a account with a comment thread seen here.

    …will this reply on the thread show up as a webmention on my main site? 🤞🏾🤞🏾

    1. That part came back successfully— as per usual.

      The real test is will this comment that I typed out in the comment reply block at the end of the post will send a webmention formatted with a ‘u-in-reply-to’ class properly targeted 🤞🏾🤞🏾😸

      🔁 or interact/reply on :

  2. It appears “nested” comments won’t work; at least in this test with Perhaps its because it references both the main site and the microblog site as myself that it hiccups and doesn’t process the reply mentions at all, even though it gives a 202 Accepted status

    If I target the main thread URL, it repeats the comment being replied to and not the reply-to-the-reply comment for some reason.

    😵confused yet?

    OK. Might have to steer away from “threading” comments, but that’s also OK as long as I don’t have to start a whole new post just to reply to a post!

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